I believe that one of the best traits of vintage items is the way that you can style them how ever you wish, creating a personal vision that doesn't have to follow any rules. While it is true that some vintage items are rare and very valuable, most are vintage finds are actually very affordable - so why not experiment and be creative with them, it's not going to break the bank if it goes wrong!

However, obviously it's great to style an item in a way that it can be reused differently in the future. So in this article, I'm going to talk you through the process I used to make a vintage style tiara out of a vintage necklace - but the best part is that the necklace was in no way harmed during this process and can be extracted at a later date to return to my jewellery box as a necklace. 

 All you need to do to make a tiara like this is as follows:

  • A vintage necklace of your choosing (I used an articulated design for ease)
  • A plain skinny headband
  • Skinny ribbon (any colour you wish)
  • Scissors
  • A little strong glue.

I started with a plain skinny headband. Here is a photo of the original band next to the finished tiara. 

 Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the necklace alone before I started the making process. I recommend a necklace with an articulated feel to it (sections that individually move and allow the necklace to 'flow') as this style worked well and shaped to the band nicely. I expect if you use a more rigid necklace you might have difficulty keeping it bound tightly to the head band.

  1. I started by positioning my necklace roughly where I wanted it in relation to the headband. As you can see from the finished result, it shifted a little during the process and became a little off center. This doesn't matter too much, as the ends are hidden when worn and you can adjust the band until it is central on your head when finished. 
  2. After this I cut my ribbon to size. I cut two equal lengths of ribbon, which I didn't measure, but left very long. It is much better to allow too much ribbon and cut off the excess, than to allow too little. You may end up wrapping each small section 3/4 times depending on the look you are going for, so take this into account when cutting your ribbon.
  3. I took one piece of ribbon and tied it around one of the central spokes of the necklace to secure it to the headband. Don't worry about this being tidy - it's really just to give you some purchase to the band and a secure place to start wrapping.
  4. I started to wrap the ribbon around the band, between the spokes of the necklace segments. At this point you can wind the ribbon around your knot to hide it and tidy it up.
  5. I continued to do this all the way down one side of the headband, until all of the necklace on that side was secured down and looked neat.
  6. The loose end of ribbon at the bottom of the band was secured with a small drop of glue, to keep it tidy.
  7. Repeat this process on the other side of the band.
  8. You'e done!

It really was as easy as that! You can see in the photo that the clasp of the necklace is visible at one end of the band. If you have no desire to wear your necklace again than you can always remove this, however if you wish to wear the necklace again leave this attached. To free the necklace you would un-tack the two ends that have a little glue, and unwind the ribbon.Here is the finished result!